DepEd Order #74 s.2009-Institutionalizing the use of MLE

The new MLE DepED order is now finally signed! It institutionalizes the use of the mother tongue based multilingual education in all schools, both private and public. You can download a copy of the policy from the
DepEd Website

The salient features of the policy are the following:

-institutionalization of MLE in all public and private schools from pre-school to high school
-the use of mother tongue as the language of learning and instruction
-the establishment of an MLE support system (orthography devt, locally developed instructional materials, community participation, teachers training, etc)
-contextualized MLE implementation thru local MLE technical working groups
-proper bridging process to introduce additional local/foreign languages. The bridging also involves starting with oral fluency (listening and speaking) and moving towards reading and writing
-Tagalog speaking areas to learn another local language as their L3
-MLE certification process


  1. We organized DILA in 2001 to defend the language rights of all our ethno-linguistic groups. It is said that of the 7,000 languages spoken around the world today, more than half are expected to be lost in this century alone. They might disappear from causes like wars and disasters but what concerns us is when the reason is that another tongue is forcibly imposed by government. When that happens, disuse of the native tongue follows and the ultimate result is extinction.

    Since the introduction of a national language in our country in 1935, our 169 non-national languages have declined and deteriorated. All these and more are lucidly presented in the following posts and articles lifted from our group page on the internet: DILA@yahoo.groups.com

    DILA is committed to legal and peaceful means in achieving our aims, and welcome those who share our noble cause to protect our peoples and languages from extinction. May the Lord bless His languages. (From the FOREWORD of the book "FILIPINO IS NOT OUR LANGUAGE" by Josefina D. Henson, DILA Phils.Foundation, Inc. President) THIS

    "FOREWORD" CAN BE FOUND IN OUR WEBSITE: www.dila.ph. We at DILA Phils. are gratified that finally, what we have been have been working for is finally granted...thanks to the DO 74 of DepEd Sec. Jesli Lapus.

    Someone is writing a Kapampangan Dictionary, here in Angeles, however, there are 2-3 different orthogarphies and there's need to resolve which orthography to follow. The Classic orthography using "que" will be difficult for the schoolchildren to follow. We would like to resolve this problem as soon as possible so that the dictionary can be used for the teachers and students who will now start learning Kapampangan in school.

    Perhaps you could organize an MLE lecture-forum in Angeles City at
    a University of your choice and we can include the solution for the true
    Kapampangan Orthography.

    Thank you,

    Josie D. Henson,
    President, DILA Phils. Foundation

  2. Thank you, Ms. Henson, for your interest to conduct an MLE forum at Angeles City. We will take this up in our next meeting. Maybe you can also organize an orthography conference to reach a consensus what system to follow.


  3. A great article indeed and a very detailed, realistic and super analysis on mother tongue ...

  4. Holy Angel University is quite active in pursuing the use of Mother-Tongue based instruction. Mr Robby Tantengco and Ms. Linda Cruz of the HAU Kapampangan Studies have actually conducted a series of seminars on the topic. And they have begun producing local instructional materials that can be used in the classroom. HAU deserves your support.

  5. Greetings! I am an MAEd student and I would like to ask whethetr the extent of the institutionalization of the MTBMLE program? how prepared are the teachers for this program? Case studies available only focus on students-learners,how about the teachers?are the training seminars mae them adequately-equipped for this program?

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  8. hello.i am a MAED student in Bicol University, Daraga Albay.This is the title of my thesis study the implementation of mtb-mle in our district.The outcome of my study is that some teachers are not yet familiar with this new curriculum.the reasons that they wrote is lack of materials, seminars, lesson plans etc.regarding this program.So I suggest to conduct a seminar on this new curriculum for them to equipped with knowledge on this.here's my email ad ma.gracelodronio@yahoo.com for your response...tnx and gb..

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