MTB-MLE Conference 2016

Last February 18-20, we organized a conference focusing on Sustainable Development Goals for Education 2030. It was held at Waterfront-Manila Pavilion Hotel. Participants from colleges/universities and DepEd from various places in the country came together to present a paper or do a teaching demonstration. We welcome the first batch of members who joined 170+ Talaytayan MLE. We hope that through them our advocacy for MTB-MLE will be brought to more places

Plenary Session

Participants who signed up for membership

Presentations can be downloaded here. 


Targeting the out-of-school children and adolescents (video)


There are now more than 100 million children and adolescents who are out-of-school. This infographics show who they are. This emphasizes the importance of targeted initiatives that have proven effective in overcoming the most common barriers that exclude children from attending school and learning, one of which is MTB-MLE.

Share the #OutOfSchool video to help raise awareness. Visit allinschool.org for more information and resources to share.


Announcements - MTB-MLE & Inclusive Education Conference February 18-20

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Registration opens at 8:00 am at the lobby of Alcuaz 1&2 Hall 3rd Floor, Manila Pavilion-Waterfront Hotel

Pre-Conference starts at 9:00 - 11:00am at Alcuaz 1&2 Hall.

The Opening Program of the Conference will start at 1:30pm at Alcuaz 1&2 Hall

Speakers/Presenters, please email your presentation in advance to mlephilippines@gmail.com